Change 1 to the Order was posted today and appears to revolve, for the most part, around LSA. I am assuming that the documents is effective the date of release since there doesn’t appear to be an official “Effective Date” published within. I did scan it and discovered that a few Operating Limitations have changed mainly #7 for Amateur-Built Aircraft and #1 for Exhibition and Air Racing which now state; (7) During Phase 1 flight testing, this aircraft is to be operated under VFR, day only;  and  (1) No person may operate this aircraft for other than the purpose of exhibition, or to participate in events, in accordance with 14 CFR § 21.191(d) or § 21.191(e). This aircraft must be operated in accordance with all air traffic and general operating rules of 14 CFR part 91, all limitations herein prescribed, and as described in the owner operator’s program letter. These operating limitations are a part of FAA Form 8130-7, and are to be carried in the aircraft at all times and be available to the pilot in command of the aircraft, respectively.

In addition to the above, a note has been added to paragraph 807. Examination, Review, and Routing of Certification Files, which states the following under Airworthiness Certificates; “The original notarized letter or a true copy of the original notarized letter authorizing an agent to sign for the registered owner, if applicable, must be included in the certification file forwarded to AFS-750.” No more copies!

There has also been a host of revised and/or new Definitions added to Appendix E. I will keep reviewing the changes and will provide input as necessary. The stand alone change can be viewed here; 8130.2G Change 1 Airworthiness Certification of Aircraft and Related Products July 2, 2012 and the Order with the changed incorporated can be viewed here; 8130.2G Change 1 Airworthiness Certification of Aircraft and Related Products July 2, 2012

You will remember that the ADA submitted comments in regard to the “H” draft of the Order so I have to assume that this change was in the works prior to the major draft. The good news is that the FAA placed asterisks next to the changed text. Bravo!




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